About us

Ishtar Cosmetics LLC is a reputable health and beauty products provider, committed to offering wholesale merchandise to grow your business revenue. The way Google reinvented the internet world, we reinvent the wholesale world!
At Ishtar Cosmetics LLC, we believe that there is a better way to get high-end cosmetic products. A cost-effective, comprehensive way where your business is valued rather than discarded. We are passionate about it, and our primary aim is to offer your business a wide range of beauty products so that it can thrive and prosper.

Ishtar Cosmetics LLC

What We Do?

The cosmetic industry is changing. Your needs are changing. But one thing that will never change is our commitment to providing you high-end cosmetic products so that your business can beat the tough competition. We do not only help small businesses acquire premium-quality health products, but we also collaborate with large businesses to help them increase their sales

All of our products are premium and do not do any harm to the environment. Above all, we sell our product at highly affordable rates, meaning that your business will not have to bear the financial burden. For beauty and health products that are durable, time-tested, and light on the pocket, you can’t beat Ishtar Cosmetics LLC.

Our Mission

It’s your right to skyrocket your sales. But financial growth comes from having an experienced wholesale cosmetic dealer who can save you a ton of money. It’s the benchmark of our work, and reinforces our objective that a professional cosmetic company empowers you, satisfies your customers, and establishes your brand credibility. So, we are striving to offer out-of-the-box product solutions that will throw your worries away. Our primary aim is to become a solid bridge between you and your customers, and we can go all out to achieve that!

Ishtar Cosmetics LLC

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